Slingshot Branding & PR, LLC

Paul with Slingshot Branding & PR does incredible work getting the message out about your business that makes people take notice and take action.

Paul’s talent is strong in branding, marketing, website design, social media, as well as great PR experience. Of course, let me fully disclose that I know him well, not only a colleague in the industry; I am also very blessed in having him as my brother.

Paul has worked with with my Delight Photography website since 2002, ensuring it is user friendly and gets my message across quickly and easily. I have booked many clients for photography services over the years just by them finding my website, which speaks volumes to how the content is displayed, user experience and ranking in web searches.

Paul also rocketed the branding, PR, website and social media for, Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals, literally like a slingshot – quickly having the site soar from here to there, taking it up massive levels with fantastic results that show in our content, rankings and interactions online. Visit Slingshot Branding & PR to learn more.

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