News Article: High School Sweethearts of 1973 just married, 46 years later

mature wedding couple outdoors

Jeff Blair, who grew up in Blaine, and Cindy Syverson, who grew up in Coon Rapids, dated on and off beginning in 1973 during their junior year at Coon Rapids High School.  In 1982, however, their lives took two different paths.
Blair drove a motorcycle out to California and he later married in 1995; Syverson built a life as a teacher in the Forest Lake School District for 36 years.
In 2017, it was Syverson who brought them back together when she sent a condolence card to Blair following the passing of his wife.
She let him know that if he wanted to talk, she was available to listen.  Blair called her and they have been together every day since.

"When I met with Cindy and Jeff to talk wedding flowers, it was very obvious that these two had a special bond,: said Terri Uy-Lennon, owner of Uy-Lennon Floral and Design.  "They were like two teenagers, newly in love.  Cindy was beaming excitedly about wedding details and Jeff was chiming in his support."

Cross in stained glass alter bride and groom

At the ages of 63 and 62, respectively, Blair and Syverson were married May 4 at Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church in Andover; the reception was at Courtyards of Andover.

30 school teachers at wedding reception - colleagues of bride

More than 30 of Syverson's fellow schoolteachers attended the wedding: she spend six years as a fifth-grade teacher before teaching kindergarten at Linwood for 30 years.

"Cindy and Jeff are such a sweet couple.  I immediately knew I wanted to photograph their wedding day when we met," said Michelle Tverberg, owner of Delight Photography. "Their story, and just the manner between them (was) so relaxed and ever so sweet as they discussed their vision for their day."

elvis impersonator serenade wedding reception for 82 years young mother of the groom
Elvis serenating Groom's mother, Marylou Blair on her 82nd birthday at wedding reception

The wedding was to be held on Blair's mother's 82nd birthday.  As a part of their wedding vision, the couple planned to surprise her with an Elvis impersonator who would serenade the birthday girl at the reception. "(This) showed just how special this couple is and how they share joy with those around them," Tverberg said. "It was my privilege to capture their wedding day."

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